Foreign languages provide students with the necessary course content to fulfill the core requirements for the Transformative Education Program and for a minor course of study in Spanish or French. The department focuses on teaching the language and cultures of the countries in which the particular foreign language is spoken as a means of exposing the students to other cultures and peoples of the world.

The minor includes the required courses in language skills, literature, business and conversation needed to enhance a career in foreign affairs, international business, communications, law, English, education, political science, or other related professions. A major objective of the foreign language unit is to prepare students to acquire a survival level command of a language other than their own, broaden their outlook on life, and increase their interest and knowledge of other cultures and the relationship of countries to global affairs. Believing in the vital importance of broadening the educational and cultural horizons of our students by exposing them to the benefits of acquaintance with the world beyond the United States of America in these days of globalization and internationalization, the department also assists students applying for study abroad programs.



Demonstrate the skills of standard spoken and written aspects of the target language in everyday life and business settings.


Demonstrate knowledge of the history, literature, current affairs and cultures of some of the countries that speak the language.


Possess the skills necessary to gain employment that requires proficiencies in the language.


Advanced study students will have the opportunity to experience study abroad/internship programs.


The total number of credit hours to satisfy the requirements for a foreign language minor is 18 hours. Students who prove by placement testing to be proficient in the language at levels beyond the intermediate levels will then have to complete a minimum of 12 hours of the language minor to achieve the total requirement of 18 hours and may select from the following courses according to their own interest and the advice of a foreign language faculty member. The elementary language courses (131, 132) are for the removal of deficiencies only. Credit for these courses may not count towards the minor.


Dr. Bernard J. Luscans

Bernard J. Luscans, Ph.D.

Department Chair, General Studies
Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies

Lena Anthony

Lena Anthony

Instructor of Chinese & Coordinator of the Confucius Classroom


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