SAUCPD is committed to protecting life and property of the University and its members. The responsibility of protecting property while on campus is shared among students, faculty and staff. SAUCPD suggests SAU community members follow these crime prevention tips to reduce and/or eliminate the chance of becoming a victim.

Secure your Residence Hall

Secure your Residence Hall room at all times to prevent access to your personal valuables by intruders.

Follow University and Resident Hall policies

Follow University and Resident Hall policies and Log In any guests you have visiting the campus at the Information Center and at the front desk of Resident Halls.

Take pictures of electronics

Take pictures of electronics (laptops, televisions, radios, etc) also take pictures and document the Serial Number and Model of electronics to aid in their recovery.

Don’t leave personal valuables unattended

Don’t leave personal valuable unattended. While studying in the University library or other public areas keep your valuables within reach.

Don't walk alone

DON’T WALK ALONE. Saint Augustine’s University students frequent several local businesses that operate late at night. The SAUCPD patrols neighboring city streets but still advises students to walk in groups of three or more to deter criminals. Students are also welcome to request an on campus walking escort from Campus Police and Security.

Lock your vehicles

Lock your vehicles and keep any valuables left in the vehicle out of sight. Also remove any mounts you may have for GPS devices and place them in the glove box or under your seat.

Do not place objects in doorways to brace them open

Do not place objects in doorways to brace them open. All University members are supplied with a key or FalconCard to access their respective Residence Hall. Leaving doors braced open allows for unauthorized persons to access student and university property creating damage or theft.