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The role of the Faculty Assembly is to represent the faculty position on appropriate matters which may include the formulation, implementation, review, and application of policies, procedures and regulations governing Saint Augustine’s University– including the areas of academic policy and budgeting, workload, academic calendar, curricular structure, and delivery of instruction. The faculty of Saint Augustine’s University assumes a major share of responsibility for the continued development and maintenance of the academic and extracurricular programs of the University. It is understood that shared governance is vital to the well-being of the University.


Next Meeting of the Full Faculty Assembly:
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2021
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Location: Boyer 011


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Dr. Yvonne Umphrey

Dr. Yvonne Umphrey has been employed with Saint Augustine’s University for over thirty years. During that time, she has served in numerous capacities including advancing in rank as a faculty member from Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, to a full Professor in the Mathematics Department. She has also served as Department Chair, Dean, Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs and has been Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. Most recently, she serves as a Professor in the Department of Engineering Mathematics and is a Board Member for the American Council of Education’s Council of Fellows Program. Dr. Umphrey also serves as an Academic Affairs peer reviewer for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools: Council of Colleges (SACSCOC).

Dr. Marnie Arkenberg

Dr. Marnie Arkenberg has been employed with Saint Augustine’s University since 2016. She currently serves as an Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator of Psychology. Dr. Arkenberg has held numerous faculty and administrative positions, including Academic Assessment Coordinator at Saint Augustine’s University, Associate Professor of Psychology and Executive Director of Professional Development at Shaw University, and Assistant Professor of Child Development, QEP Director, and the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Instruction at William Peace University.

Dr. Sarah Straud

Dr. Sarah Straud is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences and has been a member of the Saint Augustine’s University Faculty since 2010 (2010-2014; 2016-present). In addition to teaching courses in Biology and Ethics, Dr. Straud serves as a Faculty Research Advisor and Coordinator of the School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Public Health’s Science Seminar Series. She serves/has served as a reviewer for the science education journal, Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education, and is a recent member of the Triangle Women in STEM.

Dr. Patrick Webb

Dr. Patrick Webb has been employed with Saint Augustine’s University since 2017. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Program Coordinator of Sociology, and Interim Chair of the Social Sciences Department. With over 20 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Webb has served in numerous administrative and instructional level capacities which includes service at Savannah State University, Southern University at New Orleans, University of Houston-Downtown, and Lamar University.


Academic Policies Review Committee

The Academic Policies Review Committee shall be charged with the review of all curriculum changes/actions generated through the University Curriculum Council. All action items approved by the University Curriculum Council should be forwarded to the Academic Policies Review Committee for review and comment after which the Committee will forward its findings to the full Faculty Assembly. In situations where there is a serious concern raised by the Academic Policies Review Committee, the Committee along with the Executive Committee of the Faculty Assembly will enter into dialogue with the University Curriculum Council, and if necessary, the University administration to resolve the issue. The Academic Policies Review Committee will also focus on appropriate aspects of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum and academic policies and procedures contained in the University Catalog/Bulletin.

Faculty Grievance/Welfare Committee

The Faculty Grievance/Welfare Committee shall accept and review written requests from faculty members relative to grievances, conduct an inquiry regarding the issue, and advise the faculty member of an appropriate process for resolution. The Committee shall also represent the general welfare of the faculty regarding compensation (salary, grant proceeds, etc.) and benefits, intellectual property rights, and contractually related monetary mandates.

Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure

The Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure shall review and recommend appropriate modifications in specific areas of University documents, policies and the Faculty Handbook that relate to academic freedom, procedures for faculty appointments, and tenure track appointments. Additionally, the committee shall consider the protection of academic freedom and tenure as a principal obligation.


For general queries, requests, grievances, or concerns, please e-mail us at We will send referrals to the appropriate Standing Committee when applicable.