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Falcon Authors From A to Z

Ordered by Last Name

Marcel Anderson | Class of 2008

Still Living: A Victimized Man's Journey

Genre: Men’s Personal Growth

Publishing Date: April 2014

Marcel expresses how he dealt with being held at gunpoint, attacked and sodomized in a home invasion. This books helps readers overcome life challenges & gives them hope to find purpose in the midst.

Dorothea L. Barrow | Class of 2013

The Loveless Daughter

Genre: Inspirational

Publishing Date: 2011

A memoir about a young girl growing up in the inner city and never feeling the unconditional love of her parents. This carried over into her adulthood with trials and figuring out how to love herself.

D'Linnette Barrow

Crazy on the Inside of Me (note: this is a tiny book attached to The Loveless Daughter)

Gwendolyn Bobbit | Class of 2008 and Tona Glascoe

The Darkest Day

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: October 6, 2017

Brittany, Tyler, and Jordan experienced the destruction of the twin towers while living only a short distance away. This tragedy immediately changed the lives of the girls and those around them.

Braxton D. Bowser, Sr. | Class of 1997

Soul Care: 30-days to Developing a Healthier Soul

Genre: Self-Help

Publishing Date: 2020

Life and all that it encompasses has a way of wearing at the soul of a person. Soul Care takes you on a 30 day journey of reconnecting you to the creator and developing a healthier Soul!

Cadine Bramwell| Class of 2016

Two Lawyers One Doctor: Breaking Barriers to Achieve Success

Genre: Inspirational, Autobiography

Publishing Date: January 26, 2024

In Two Lawyers One Doctor, Cadine Bramwell, the firstborn of triplets from Tivoli Gardens, one of Jamaica’s poverty-stricken and gun-ridden inner-city communities, shares how she and her sisters studied in the United States on scholarships and became two lawyers and a doctor.

For Cadine and her triplet sisters, education was the shovel that dug them out of their impoverished inner-city community. Part one of this book takes readers on an inspirational journey of the Bramwell Triplets fighting for their education and achieving remarkable success, against all odds.

After experiencing the personal and professional life-changing opportunities that studying in the United States provides, part two of this book uses extensive anecdotes from the Bramwell Triplets’ lives and experiences to provide insightful strategies to help low-income Jamaican and Caribbean high school students attend college and university in the United States, on scholarships.

Two Lawyers One Doctor is a riveting and profoundly moving story of the unexpected doors of opportunities that opened for the Bramwell Triplets when they pursued their dreams relentlessly and unashamedly, despite poverty, violence and rejection – and whose story inspire readers to do the same.

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Regina Jenkins Emerson | Class of 1977

Life Has Meaning: A Selection of Short Stories and Poetry

Genre: Short stories and poetry

Publishing Date: May 23, 2011

When you think about the cares and reasons of life, the thoughts can become very deep. Life is one big story with its beginning, middle, and end. “Life Has Meaning” is Regina Emerson’s first publication. It is a collection of short stories and poems about ordinary and extraordinary events with natural and unnatural but colorful characters. It includes a variety of interesting plots that will make your imagination soar from fright to humble love. Some of the stories were inspired by the comings and goings and scenarios of the small town where the author grew up and experienced life.

Traci M. Ethridge | Class of 2000

Such a Time as This: Reflections of the Journey Toward My Destiny

Genre: Christian Inspirational

Publishing Date: August 2016

Traci Ethridge takes readers through a heartfelt, relatable journey of spiritual growth. Her experiences of trials, triumph and enlightenment are a reminder that there is a divine plan for your life.

Dr. Frederick Faison | Class of 1995

Celebrations of Life, Faith & Songs: A Chronicle of 100 Years in African American Poetry, Prose and Music.

Genre: Black History, Self Development

Publishing Date: 2010

This creative work reviews 100 years of a soul celebration. It shares a review and renaissance from a family’s journey to share the gospel good news for over seven generations.

Terrika Foster-Brasby | Class of 2010

Pen name Nicki Charest

A Twisted Love

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: December 31, 2017

Audrina “Red” Wilson is a beautiful Detroit middle-class girl trying to build her career path in North Carolina. She’s a student at Capital City State University in Raleigh who spends her summer vacation fulfilling her internship requirement in Atlanta. She’s got her eyes on one thing: landing a job at CNN as a political correspondent She’s set her goals towards the world of politics and has sworn off dating, relationships, and love, considering them unnecessary distractions- that is until she meets Quentin “Que” Santos. Que is the starting forward for the Capital City State Panthers. While he’s one of the more popular guys on campus, he’s quiet and mysterious in comparison to his very extroverted teammates. To call him handsome would be an understatement and his wealthy upbringing has afforded him the best of everything. What Que wants he usually gets, and what wants is Red. But Que has an inescapable past that comes back to bite him, and those around him- including Red. The moment that Red & Que cross paths it’s obvious the sparks are there; what was meant to be a friendship quickly develops into something more. But their love starts to run too deep, dangerously deep. And soon, they find themselves interconnected in a love spiral that could cost them everything – including their lives.

Richard Gilliam | Class of 2015

Diversed In STEM

Genre: Children’s Book

Publishing Date: April 14, 2022

“Diversed In STEM” is an inspiring and easy to read children’s book. This book goes into detail about self-knowledge and that anything is possible and can be created.

Robert X. Golphin | Class of 2006

Abandoning Adam: Confessions of an HBCU Scholar

Genre: Young Adult – Fiction

Publishing Date: August 31, 2006

A young undergrad film student seeks to enact change on the campus of an historically black college.

Re'Shae Green | Class of 2017

Emmel Zealous Hip-Hop Dreams

Genre: Health

Publishing Date: August 26, 2021

Emmel Zealous is a young girl with sass and talent who also suffers from an anxiety disorder.

Cynthia Griffin | Class of 1978

Another Chance

Genre: Christian 

Publishing Date: July 27, 2013

This book was very challenging for me, but it brought home the fact that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. I was not up for writing this book, because I did not feel that my writing skills were up to par with society’s standards. God taught me to press on, and I truly learned that God equips you for whatever He has tasked you to do. My favorite saying is what God has for me is for me, and I believe that nothing will stand in the way of your destiny if you trust in God. Weather you believe it or not your life is planned and managed by God. This is my encouragement to you. So press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus, because you can do anything when you set your mind to it and put God first. You know what I mean when I say you feel something deep down in your spirit telling you to do something. I believe this is your nudging from God. You have already been given confirmation and are still hesitant to move forward. I was also like that and God sent several people to tell me to write this book. I pray that this book be used by God to strengthen your faith and give you hope as you press towards your future. Remember God has equipped you to go forth and conquer. You know He says in His word that you are more than a conqueror. Believe in Him!

Tatita Sanchez Gudina | Class of 2000

Inspire My Soul For New Beginnings & His Ability to Shine Through Me

Genre: Inspirational

Publishing Date: 2009 & 2012

This book is for unbelievers and Christians who is striving to better their life. This is not a self-help book but a book for you to work within your spirit and find the true you.

Kenny Hall | Class of 1971

``Billy and Me``

Genre: Biography

Publishing Date: September 27, 2007

This is a story of a misunderstood side of American history, concerning the brothers of the Presidents, and of one famous brother of a former President, my friend, the late Billy Carter. My purpose is to explain some misconceptions about the man, Billy, as I knew him.

Tameka Hanley | Class of 2015

Fresh Princess of Bel Air

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: July 17, 2021

Can a Zebra change its stripes? Harlem native, Alexa Baldwin’s life turns upside down when her father boots her out from the projects into the bougie streets of Bel Air.

Brian H. Hurd | Class of 1992

DREAM IT! PLAN IT! BE IT!: A Playbook for Today's Youth

Genre: Education – Problem Solving

Publishing Date: June 2020

Empowering young people to transcend expectations, cultivate a positive attitude, and look inward for answers to help them focus their thoughts and actions to achieve their goals.

Tamika N. Johnson | Class of 1996

Seeing God's Greatness in the Midst of a Void

Genre: Memoir/Short Read

Publishing Date: 2015

An account of Tamika’s life revealed through her eyes as she experienced countless disappointments, distractions, the effects of low self-esteem, and voids while seeking love.

In Disguise Forgiving Hidden Truths

Genre: Memoir/Short Read

Publishing Date: 2017

Tamika unmasks hidden truths that were buried deep within herself while having the ability to disguise her indiscretions, imperfections, and inability to release her past.

Ayeesha T. Lewis | Class of 1994

Surviving Spiritual Warfare. Thank God I Don't Look Like What I Been Through

Genre: Christianity/ Spirituality

Publishing Date: August 2020

The author gives detailed accounts of her personal spiritual warfare experiences This book is a deliverance manual for informing readers about spiritual warfare and provides a guide for deliverance.

Brenda Moody

Raising Frankie: One Family's Approach to ADHD

Genre: Parenting & Relationships

Publishing Date: January 2022

As a college student, he was blessed to become a student intern in the Information Technology (IT) department where he continued to increase his computer skills as a part-time computer lab assistant and a computer troubleshooter. These roles pushed his skilled to a brand-new level. “After the internship was over, I followed my instructor everywhere he went so I could learn everything I could. I even stayed after hours to glean from his knowledge.” His instructor told him that he had never met anyone like him before. Someone who was hungry for knowledge. After graduating with a degree in computer science, he was offered a part-time job in the IT department. That job later became full-time.

Ja'Quan R. Phillips | Class of 2020

Warrior Story: A Story About A Warrior Fighting A unwindable Battle. So, we think

Genre: Empowerment

Publishing Date: July 2020

Life lesson I learned from my sister that I have put into a book. I am telling the story of how she didn’t let her having a sickness stop her from following her dreams of stepping.

Hon. Cynthia 'Mother' Pratt | Class of 1983

An Ordinary Woman from the Heart of the Inner City

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: February 2, 2018

An Ordinary Woman from the Heart of the Inner City is an autobiographical book by the Hon. Cynthia Mother Pratt, the first female Deputy Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas; the first female acting Prime Minister in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas; the first female National Security Minister in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas; the first female Deputy Leader of a Major Political Party in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas; and the first female to present the national budget in the House of Assembly in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Debra Skyy Downs Samuels | Class of 1978

Daily Inspirations from A to Z

Genre: Inspirational, Self Help

Publishing Date: 2013

Daily Inspirations from A to Z is a compilation of positive reinforcements that will encourage you to be your best self and motivate you to live a routinely inspired life to uplift yourself and others.

Rev. Dr. Ruth Naomi Segres | Class of 1995

Commanded to Live: Moving Beyond the Pain

Genre: Religion/Spiritual Development

Publishing Date: March 2005

Church trauma is real and can cling to us for years! This book encouraging us to reexamine our narrative of the intersectionality between God and God’s Church. The Church is NOT a synonym for God.

Malcolm Bryce Richburg | Class of 2013

The Fatherless Finding Strength Through Fatherhood

Genre: Memoir

Publishing Date: June 1, 2021

“I take a trip through the thoughts in this book about fatherhood, its effects on our society, and the things I have learnt from this journey”

Shawn Rowe | Class of 2017 and Marque Drummond

Hurdling My Barriers When Life Gets in the Way

Genre: Inspirational

Publishing Date: May 15, 2020

Rarely do we get an insight into the makings of a world class athlete. This is your opportunity. Shawn Rowe is a world class track athlete from Jamaica. He came to the United States with very little other than an unwavering determination to succeed. His path took twists and turns that would have discouraged the average person, but Shawn was not to be deterred. In Hurdling My Barriers, Shawn gives us a honest glimpse of his challenging life growing up in Jamaica and his journey to America. He went from a failing grade school student in Jamaica to a college graduate with honors. Shawn will take you inside his races and inside his head as he competes in the world’s biggest track and field events. Shawn is the first to acknowledge that he didn’t do it alone as he introduces you to the people who made his journey possible. Reading this book will leave you inspired, motivated, entertained and you will have a new acquaintance in Shawn Rowe.

Dr. Robert Louis Shepard | Class of 1969

Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step - An Autobiography

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: First printing: 2013; Second printing: 2016

A fascinating story of one man’s journey from his Grandma’s front porch in a small town to many faraway places while creating opportunities that can uplift those who dare to follow in his footsteps.

Fulfilling Your Destiny, Step by Step - A Self-Help Guide

Genre: Workbook

Publishing Date: 2017

A companion to Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step designed to motivate & inspire those who desire to discover their purpose and their passion on the way to fulfilling their own God-ordained destiny.

Felica Thompson | Class of 1996

Free To Be Me

Genre: Religion and Spirituality

Publishing Date: March 13, 2020

In this book, Felica Raines Thompson encourages the reader to identify the areas of their life that have held them hostage, and be willing to put in the necessary work to set themselves FREE!

Oswald Woode | Class of 1989

A Detailed History on the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade

Genre: African Black History

Publishing Date: February 1, 2024