26 Apr 2019

Mister and Miss SAU Pageant Winners

On Wednesday, April 24, Saint Augustine’s University hosted its Mister and Miss SAU pageant. The contestants included: 

Contestant 1. Ayinde Pope, Senior, Exercise Science Major

Contestant 2. Noel McNeil, Junior, Psychology Major

Contestant 3. Brandon Autry, Junior, Exercise Science Major

Contestant 4. Markyl Wilson, Senior, Sociology Major

Contestants must be concerned with issues facing Saint Augustine’s University and the community. Participation in the Mister and Miss SAU pageant empowers young men and women to achieve their personal and professional goals while providing a forum in which to use their talents and intelligence to achieve a platform dedicated to making a difference in the lives of other men and women.

The contestants competed in: On Stage presence, School Spirit, Talent, and Evening Wear/ On stage question. The ladies and gentleman also had a private one on one interview session before the pageant which was worth a heavy portion of the competition as well as the voting process that took place in the library by the student body. The voices of the students were truly heard. The contestants put on an over the top show with only a week and a half of long night practices. All the contestants are a part of the royal court and have an exciting year ahead.

Category winners of the night:

Mr. Ebony: Ayinde Pope (This winner was determined by $1 vote by the audience during intermission)

Mrs. Essence: Markyl Wilson (This winner was determined by $1 vote by the audience during intermission)

Overall Interview Winner: Markyl Wilson

Mr. Congeniality: Ayinde Pope

Miss Congeniality: Markyl Wilson

Talent winner: Ayinde Pope

Mister Pre-Alumni: Brandon Autry

Mister SAU: Ayinde Pope

Miss SAU: Markyl Wilson

Congratulations to all contestants and congratulations to Mr. and Ms. SAU of the 2019 – 2020 school year!