22 Apr 2022

Thomas Clayton, Class of 2007

  • Thomas Clayton, CEO, Clayton Financial
  • Thomas graduated from Saint Augustine’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. After graduating Thomas has been delivering excellent value to clients in finance, helping them plan ahead for short-term needs and long term goals. Thomas has been proven to be absolutely dedicated to the financial wellbeing of those whom he works with, and closely monitors financial trends to help clients achieve financial goals. 
  • Since 2017 and his founding of Clayton Financial, Inc, Thomas has been sharing and implementing financial concepts to help clients protect, accumulate, and distribute financial wealth.
  • As CEO of Clayton Financial, Thomas fully understands and analyzes the challenges that unpredictable circumstances have placed on many of us in recent years with respect to retirement and savings for the future. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the markets, Thomas has incorporated and implemented tactics to help his clients acquire security for themselves and their families regardless of market performance.
  • His personalized approach has made many clients realize that having an financial professional who is constantly educating, evolving and providing customized advice is priceless. Thomas’s mission is to provide exceptional customer service by focusing on each client’s financial goals and objectives, educating and guiding them to enhance their financial potential and lower their overall risk.