–  3rd summer of online developed courses

– Stay on track for graduation

– Get ahead! Allow certification courses or to add a minor


– Pell-Grants Available

– Additional SEOG funds are also available

– Books are included in fees


– Summer School Courses delivered on Blackboard by online trained faculty

– Only 6 weeks on your summer

– Flexible to fit in during your work schedule

Summer School Information

Summer school dates:  May 24 – July 9

Registration deadline:  May 11

Bill Payment Due for Summer Session I by: May 14

Tuition and fees:  $540 per credit hour or $1,620 per 3-hour course


Current Students – register through academic advisors

New students – apply here.


Please view these tips for enrolling in Summer School →

Choose Your Summer Courses

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer School Online

How much does summer school cost?

The cost is $540 per credit hour or $1,620 per 3-hour course.

What are my options to pay for summer school?

Classes can be paid for with cash, credit/debit card or check. PELL GRANT FUNDS and other financial aid may be available as well. To find out if you qualify for financial aid begin by seeing your ADVISOR and completing the FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION, NOW.

When do classes start?

Classes start on May 26, 2020.

How do I register for classes?

ALL CLASS REGISTRATION WILL BE DONE ONLINE. You must see your advisor to begin the registration process. 

What technology will I need for online courses?

Online courses will be taught through BLACKBOARD. You will need a strong internet connection and ideally a desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC). While the content will be available and visible on a tablet or smartphone, it is not reasonable to expect that you will be able to download and/or upload (submit) tests and assignments using such a small device.

Is everything online or will I need to come to campus or buy books?

A Technology/Book Fee is added to each summer school credit hour to cover the costs of the textbook. Textbooks (hardcopy, e-book, or access code) for BOA students will be emailed, mailed, or loaded into Blackboard by the start of classes. Testing will also be done exclusively online. After you have completed and submitted your financial aid application you will not need to step foot on campus for online courses. Saint Augustine’s University is wherever you are!

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For questions concerning Financial Aid, contact Ms. Sharon Griffin ( or 919.516.4132). For questions concerning Registration, contact your Academic Advisor.

Will my grades AND credits be applied?

Unlike transfer classes taken at other universities, both your grade points and credits will apply.



How to Register

Register ONLINE for summer school using the following steps in CAMS:

Step 1: Please see Academic Advisor to discuss and get schedule approval for the selected term. Also, click here to fill out the Financial Aid application for school funding.

Step 2: Make sure you are in the Summer of 2019 semester (19/SU). Click Registration on the left side of the screen under Administrative Services to select courses.

Step 3: Scroll down and select courses for your current term.

Once classes are selected click the green Process Registration button on the bottom right-hand side.

The computer will ask you: “Are you sure you want to process your registration now?” Click OK.

Your unofficial Registration Checkout will appear.

Step 4: Click My Schedule to see your detailed unofficial courses you selected for the term.

Step 5: Click My Ledger to see all charges for courses, housing, scholarships, and pending Financial Aid.

Step 6: Click My Financial Aid to accept or decline Financial Aid for the term. After you select your aid click Submit at the bottom of the page. A message will appear “Once submitted you will not be able to change your decision. Are you sure you would like to submit now?”. Make sure you select all aid carefully and click OK.

Step 7: Click My Ledger to see your Financial Aid applied to your account. Here you are able to see if you have a balance (which you can make a payment at the bottom of the Ledger by pressing Make Payment button) or you will see your refund in parentheses.

Step 8: Please see the Home screen for instructions for Text Book Order Procedure Document for Students. (Different for summer/fall/spring)

Step 9: Please see the Business and Finance Office for Business Office approval.