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Professional Development Courses

Customer Service 101: It's A Communications Affair

A course to support employees in offering customer service care to enhance service delivery and create raving fans.

Emotional Intelligence 101: It's A Head-Heart Matter

A course to support individual logic and reasoning with care and compassion. Become more attuned to the matters of the head and heart to enhance your self-awareness, family, team, organization, and leadership competencies.

Leadership 101: The Unlisted Skills for Aspiring Leaders

A course to support aspiring principals and aspiring administrators prepare for the next level of leadership.

Achievement Gaps: 25 Years of the Same Data, Let's Move

A course to support real-time strategies to move the data for subgroup proficiency and performance.

No Cap: Teaching in the heat of the culture!

A course to support real ways to reach, teach, relate, and interact with today's students.

Young, Gifted, and Black...and an educator

How to support educational reinforcement, retention, and space for teachers and educators of color.

The Glass Isn't Half Empty, But you are!

Moving beyond burnout and revisiting resilience, and mental wealth in the field of education.

Parents are not pests, that's your story, and you're sticking to it.

Ways to foster connections with parents for a pathway to engagement and support.

Effective Listening Skills 101

A course to identify barriers to listening and uncover the hidden message that are overlooked in key situations.

Meet the Instructors

Cindy Love, Ph.D.


Dr. Cindy Love is a highly accomplished executive leader in higher education, with over 15 years of experience as a program director, School of Business adjunct professor, and university dean. Her areas of expertise include student professional development, career services, executive leadership, HBCU advancement, and Emotional Intelligence. She is recognized as an innovative, high-performing, and passionate leader who has been consistent in focusing on student success throughout her professional career.

In her role at the North Carolina Central University School of Business, she designed, implemented, and assessed the Student Professional Development Program. The program was four-pronged: core curriculum, career competencies, communication coaching, and corporate connections. She influenced the professional development of over 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students, while providing leadership for nine adjunct professors, two SPA staff members, and two graduate assistants. Dr. Love encourages students to maintain a global perspective as they prepare for leadership roles and was honored to lead student trips to Honduras, India, and Vietnam.

While at Saint Augustine’s University, Dr. Love has had opportunities to contribute to the students, faculty, university, and community. Again, her focus has been on student success as demonstrated in the creation of the SAU Clothing Closet, an initiative for the male students, providing business attire to them at no cost. She has provided leadership for programs including First Year Experience, Academic Advising, Testing, Writing Center, Career Services, Falcon Works, and Faculty Fellows. Her brand is on display each year when she produces the highly successful SAU Career and Graduate School Expo.

Dr. Love’s commitment to student success includes a commitment to K-12 students as well. She has served on the Voyager Academy (Durham, North Carolina) Board of Directors as a member, Vice Chair, and then as Chair during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Dr. Love is a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University (Doctor of Philosophy, Leadership Studies) and North Carolina Central University (MPA and B.A.). She has certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs, and Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol.

Stacey Alston


Stacey Alston is an accomplished and visionary educational leader with a distinguished career in school administration and teaching. Since May 2015, he has served as the Principal of East Wake High School, part of the Wake County Public School system in Cary, North Carolina. During his tenure, Stacey successfully unified four small schools into one comprehensive high school, fostering collaboration and a sense of community. He also led the redesign of the school’s curriculum and instructional focus, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education aligned with current needs. Under his leadership, East Wake High School became a Title 1 school in 2019, providing essential support to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Stacey’s commitment to innovation is evident as he leads the school’s transition into a magnet high school with a STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) starting in 2023, providing students with unique and enriching learning opportunities. His dedication to academic excellence is reflected in the school’s remarkable achievements, including Exceeded Expected Growth as measured by the NCDPI accountability model in 2016 and 2022, and Met Expected Growth in 2019. In 2022, the school’s growth ranked among the top 15% in the state.

Recognized for his outstanding leadership, Stacey Alston has been nominated for the Eastern Area Secondary Principal of the Year award six times (2017-2022), a testament to his positive impact on the school and its community. Furthermore, in 2022, he was part of the select group of principals from comprehensive Title 1 high schools recognized for exceeding expected growth.

Before joining East Wake High School, Stacey served as the Principal of The STEM Early College at N.C. A&T in Greensboro, North Carolina, from May 2012 to May 2015. There, he established the school as an NC STEM School of Distinction and ensured its recognition for exemplary implementation of STEM education. The students’ impressive performance in End-of-Course exams and success in prestigious educational competitions demonstrated the school’s exceptional academic environment.

Stacey Alston’s commitment to education extends beyond his role as a principal. During his time at Knightdale High School from August 2007 to April 2012, he played an essential role in developing the master schedule and facilitated the School Improvement Plan process. His contributions as an educator also include serving as a Business Teacher and School Testing Coordinator at Nash Central High School from July 2002 to July 2007, where he also founded and oversaw the school’s baseball program.

Stacey holds a Master of School Administration degree from North Carolina Central University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2008. His academic journey began at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education with a concentration in Mathematics in 1999.

Throughout his career, Stacey Alston has received numerous accolades and awards, including Who’s Who Among American Teachers in 2004 and 2005. He actively participates in various educational organizations, such as the North Carolina Association of Educators and the National Business Education Association.

With his passion for education, innovative leadership, and dedication to the success of students and schools, Stacey Alston continues to make a significant impact in the field of education in North Carolina and beyond.

Candis Jones


I am a dedicated transformational leader focused on ensuring academic success for all students, regardless of their background or abilities. My leadership approach centers on setting high expectations, providing essential support, and cultivating a culture of continuous learning and growth. My aspiration is to serve as an instructional leader, driving positive change in student achievement and professional development while implementing effective policies to bridge achievement gaps.

My educational journey comprises a Master’s degree in School Administration from Fayetteville State University and a Bachelor’s degree in English Secondary Education from North Carolina Central University. Throughout my academic path, I’ve been an active member of organizations and have demonstrated a deep commitment to education. Starting at E. E. Smith High School as a Teaching Fellows Scholarship recipient, I taught at the same school after graduation, connecting with the community that shaped me. Subsequently, I honed my leadership skills as an assistant principal at various schools, including principal roles at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School and Zebulon Gifted & Talented Magnet Middle School. I’m also a representative on the Wake County Principal and Assistant Principals Board.

As the principal of Zebulon Gifted & Talented Magnet Middle School since 2017, I’ve overseen remarkable improvements. Through implementing restorative practices and fostering a supportive atmosphere, we’ve reduced suspensions and created an environment where students learn from their mistakes. Notably, we’ve elevated ELA, Math, and Science proficiency through innovative teaching methods and personalized interventions. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in consistently meeting or exceeding growth targets and earning recognition as a National Certified Magnet School, achieving the Magnet Merit Award and School of Distinction status. I’ve introduced Acceleration opportunities tailored to individual student needs, and I’m currently enhancing the magnet program with Advanced Studies and STEM focus.  The school increased the school performance grade of a D to a C.

During my tenure as Principal of Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School (2014-2017), we achieved significant reductions in suspensions, substantial increases in graduation rates, and improved student achievements across subjects. Our graduation rate rose from 79% to 86%, and student scores, such as Math I and Biology, demonstrated impressive gains. By prioritizing data-driven decision-making, we achieved consistent growth in EVAAS scores. We aligned our goals with the District Strategic Plan and empowered students through a Principal Student Advisory Leadership Council. Innovative initiatives like a Leadership Seminar and a strong shared vision earned us recognition as a Magnet School of Excellence and Distinction.

In summary, I am a transformational leader dedicated to promoting academic excellence for all students. Through my leadership roles and commitment to data-driven strategies, restorative practices, and enriched magnet programs, I have consistently achieved positive outcomes, reduced disparities, and nurtured a culture of growth and innovation within educational environments.

Morgan King


Morgan King, an esteemed educator with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration in the field of education. Throughout her illustrious career, she has wielded her expertise with grace and dedication, leaving an indelible mark on students and colleagues alike.

Commencing her career in 2009, Morgan commenced her journey as a tutor and teacher at an alternative campus, where she laid the foundation for her lifelong commitment to empowering young students. Her unwavering passion for education propelled her to traditional settings within independent school districts, where she diligently nurtured the academic and personal growth of her students.

Respected as an exemplary teacher and leader, Morgan’s outstanding contributions have been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the distinguished titles of Teacher of the Month and Middle School Teacher of the Year. Embodying the true essence of leadership, she has undertaken various pivotal roles, including Lead Teacher, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Her profound impact on the educational landscape is further enhanced by her attainment of the esteemed Principal certification, signifying her readiness to spearhead positive change at a broader level.

Morgan’s passion for fostering educational excellence has taken her to Title I schools across different states, such as Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina. In these diverse environments, she skillfully navigated the challenges faced by students from varied backgrounds, bridging gaps and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential.

Education has always been Morgan’s vehicle of transformation, not only for her students but also for herself. Hailing from a humble background with limited access to higher education, she internalized the significance of overcoming obstacles to pursue personal aspirations. This firsthand experience motivates her drive to uplift the lives of future generations, instilling in them the belief that they too can rise above adversity and achieve greatness.

Her unwavering pursuit of knowledge led her to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Health from Lamar University, followed by a Master’s degree in Education, with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction from LeTourneau University. Committed to continuous growth and lifelong learning, she further attained an Education Specialist degree in K-12 Leadership from Grand Canyon University, enhancing her capacity to influence positive change in the educational realm.

Morgan extends her sincere appreciation to all who have acknowledged her qualifications and unwavering passion for education, and she remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering a brighter future through the power of learning.

Course Overviews

Unlock your leadership potential with our comprehensive Leadership 101 course. This course provides a dynamic overview of essential leadership principles and practices, equipping you with the skills necessary to excel in various leadership roles.

Course Overview:

  • Strategic Leadership Vision Philosophy: Discover how to formulate and communicate a compelling vision that guides your team towards success. Learn the art of strategic thinking, setting long-term goals, and aligning actions with a broader organizational purpose.
  • Data, Policies & Decision Making: Understand the significance of data-driven decision-making in leadership. Explore techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data, enhancing your ability to make informed and impactful choices for your team and organization.
  • Instructional Leadership: Learn how to lead through mentorship and guidance. Develop skills in empowering team members, fostering their growth, and creating a collaborative learning environment that drives innovation.
  • Management & Human Resources: Delve into the principles of effective management and human resource leadership. Master the art of delegation, conflict resolution, and motivation, while also understanding the importance of creating a positive work culture.
  • Cultural Leadership & Equity: Gain insights into leading diverse teams and promoting equity and inclusion. Explore strategies to cultivate a culture of respect, value different perspectives, and champion fairness within your organization.

Embrace the journey towards becoming a proficient and inspiring leader. Join us in Leadership 101 and embark on a transformative learning experience that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead with confidence and purpose.

This course is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills needed to create an inclusive and equitable classroom environment. With a focus on adapting teaching approaches to cater to diverse learners and backgrounds, participants will explore a range of pedagogical strategies that promote accessibility and engagement for all students. Through practical applications and interactive discussions, participants will develop the ability to design lesson plans, curricula, and classroom activities that recognize and celebrate the individual strengths and needs of their students. By fostering an inclusive classroom, educators will be better equipped to support diverse student populations and cultivate an enriching learning experience for everyone

Mature female student in blue sweater smiling at camera while working on school work in a library