16 Nov 2017

"Global Leadership: Exploring Diverse Worldviews" 2017 Student Global Leadership Conference

"Global Leadership: Exploring Diverse Worldviews" 2017 Student Global Leadership ConferenceOn Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11, Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) hosted the North Carolina Association of International Educators (NCAIE) Student Global Leadership Conference. A partnership between NCAIE and the Research Triangle Park Chapter of The Links, Inc., the conference explored diverse worldviews in global leadership. Saint Augustine’s is the first HBCU to hold this conference, which has been running at least seven years.

During the conference, students gave presentations demonstrating their research and experiences as international students. One of SAU’s own, Landon Bishop, a sophomore public health major, presented his research titled, “Is Technology Beneficial or Problematic? A Cuban Case Study on Technology and Communication Skills.” A number of universities were represented with student presenters from 14 institutions, including North Carolina State University, Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, and Wake Forest University, among others. 

The keynote speaker for the conference was Ambassador Brenda Brown Schoonover, now a retired career Foreign Service Officer and the former United States Ambassador to Togo, West Africa. Prior to her current status as a retired career Foreign Service Officer, Ambassador Schoonover was Diplomat-in-Residence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As one of the first U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers (Philippines, Group One) at the inception of the organization, Ambassador Schoonover is also a charter member of the Peace Corps. Ambassador Schoonover’s global experience aligned greatly with the conference’s focus on global leadership. Commenting on her experience in the Peace Corps, Ambassador Schoonover stated,

“I was overcome with gratitude. A profound appreciation of my good fortune, to have had the unique opportunity to be a pioneer… It was my gateway to many far-flown places and encounters with so many fascinating people. It allowed me to be a citizen of the world and a very lucky one at that.”

Saint Augustine’s University was honored to host this year’s NCAIE Student Global Leadership Conference. Javonni McGlaurin, program assistant of SAU’s Office of International Programs commented,

“The NCAIE Global Leadership conference was a great success. The theme was Global Leadership: Exploring Diverse Worldviews and all the activities really served as a catalyst for students to think about their own identity and how it can be celebrated among other global leaders. I hope events like this conference continue to promote global learning and diversity on the campus of  Saint Augustine’s University.”

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