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Bachelors of Art



Message to the World

Sonnet by Taylor Kerr


My pen in motion to settle my ideas.
The way you collaborate only in distress,
Heavy thoughts on the minds of wives and kids.
Dreaming about a world with way less stress.

Our voices are drowned in this world that’s large
I hate to see you hopeless and locked away
Dense clouds dull the distress flowers of March,
Springtime is gone if people disobey.

Yet I still love you in hundreds of ways
A place where opportunities don’t decay.
Thinking of your keen warmth fills my days.
My love for you holds the brightest of blaze.

My heart open I hope for a restart,
Remember my message when I depart.

This is for the ones I left a thousands of miles away

Sonnet by Sinanzwayinkosi P Ndhlovu


This is for the ones I left thousands of miles away
I know you might have cried
Hope your tears will be wiped away
I cannot forget you even if I tried

I miss your smiles that will never fade away
As for me I kept you in my heart
So that no one will snatch you away
Even when we are physical apart

I remember when I said goodbye
I saw the tears behind your smiles
Priceless moments, things I can never buy
Those memories make me want to walk a million miles

Sometimes I’m with a big crowd but I feel alone,
I guess it’s the feeling of missing the place I was born