The Saint Augustine’s University Student Handbook specifies the general rules, regulations, policies, and procedures for student life at the University and within the campus community. It also defines the structure within which organized student life is carried on and the means by which students may achieve fullest realization of the University’s resources and facilities. As an official document of Saint Augustine’s University, the Student Handbook represents a part of the student’s obligation to the University. The Student Handbook must be used as a companion document to the University Catalog and other published regulations and guidelines issued by various offices and programs of the University. The rules and regulations in the Saint Augustine’s University Catalog will supersede any inconsistent rules and regulations published in other sources. Saint Augustine’s University reserves the right to develop and implement new policies or regulations not presently included in this document.

It is the responsibility of the University to make a reasonable attempt to inform the student body of any change in or addition to the current policies and regulations. Students are encouraged to read the Student Handbook to familiarize themselves with the policies, regulations, and procedures found within. The student, on admission, is obligating himself or herself to submit to governance by reasonable rules and regulations contained in this document. Whether on or off the campus, students are to behave in accordance with the standards of conduct required of students enrolled at Saint Augustine’s University. Therefore, acts committed off the campus that are detrimental to the interests and integrity of the University will subject the student to University judicial action the same as if they had been committed on campus.


Saint Augustine’s University reserves the right to revise, amend, or change items set forth in this Student Handbook from time to time. Accordingly, readers of this Student Handbook should inquire as to whether any such revisions, amendments, or changes have been made since the date of publication. The Office of the Vice President for Student Development and Services oversees any amendments to the Student Handbook.