Saint Augustine’s University has a comprehensive leadership program that will transform the campus community into an incubator for global leaders, changeagents, and social entrepreneurs. Research indicates that while some students may be born with inherent leadership qualities, acquiring leadership skills is a process that must be taught and cultivated in a nurturing academic learning environment. This environment can be fostered by infusing leading and learning competencies into a student’s extracurricular activities while concurrently offering academic courses and trainings with this same focus. The Leadership Initiative consists of three tiers with the aim that every student will be exposed at some level to these activities during their tenure at The University.

Tier I –The Falcon Global Leaders Institute–in honor of our visionary leader, a highly structured and intensive leadership institute has been conceptualized. The institute will require a formal application and acceptance. The Institute will consist, but will not be limited to participation in sixteen (16) leadership seminars over the course of four academic years. The seminars will be created in collaboration with outside entities (i.e. corporate, non-profits leaders, etc.) who will help to provide consistency and integrity to the program. The expectation is that by including these leaders in the program’s development, the credential earned (by completing this program) will be recognizable to employers after students graduate.

While enrolled in the institute, each month during the year, students are required to attend, at minimum: 

  • Leadership Trainings/Activities or Group Read
  • Structured Activity with Student Leaders and their Orientation Group (teambuilding activity, community service project, group discussion, etc.)
  • Speaker Leadership Lecture Series (outside speakers, presenters, motivators)

Tier II – Appointed Student Leadership Training–A mandatory week-long summer leadership immersion for potential student leaders as well as those students who are leaders of authorized student groups at the College. Development of standardized leadership training for elected or appointed leaders of all approved student organizations and student groups on campus (i.e. Residence Assistant, Student Government Association officers, Judicial Council) is imperative for the growth and vitality of student life at Saint Augustine’s College.

Tier III – Academic Degree Concentration in Leadership – The proposed top level of leadership training involves the establishment of a degree concentration or minor in leadership that will be available to students across all disciplines. This experience includes 12 academic credits designed to enhance the student’s knowledge of leadership and their ability to lead in a global society. Students who participate will have this concentration noted on their Saint Augustine’s University diploma.