About Us

Welcome to the Testing Center at Saint Augustine’s University. The University Testing Center (TC) is under the Division of Student Affairs. The Testing Center is nationally certified by the National College Testing Association and a first place winner of the Collegeboard CLEP Initiative in North Carolina. In addition, we are a certified facility for Educational Testing Service, LSAC, ACT and a certified test administrator for the ACI Financial Market Association (International). The SAU Testing Center is a premier facility that ensures integrity and exam security in the proctoring and examination processes.

Directions to the University Testing Center

The University Testing Center is located in the Boyer Building on main campus. Upon your arrival, you will obtain a parking pass from officer in the security booth. After securing your vehicle in the lot assigned by campus security, you will walk back towards the security booth located at the entrance of the main campus. Boyer Building is on your left of the security booth, and the Testing Center is located on the second floor, rooms 203B. Please allow 5–10 minutes to park and reach the Testing Center.

Testing staff may be reached by calling 919.516.4680, or Security booth at 919.516.4411 in case of any emergency on campus.