Online/Distance Education Proctoring

Students taking classes or training through other colleges and institutions by correspondence or other long-distance methods often are required to take exams. The University Testing Center agrees to provide supervision and a secure testing environment for those exams. Usually, this involves a correspondence or online class through a university, but various types of organizations make use of this service. The Testing Office has proctored exams for institutions around the country and international organizations as well.

Exams Proctored

Written (paper) exams and online exams are the most common exams proctored, but with advance notice, almost any type of exam can be accommodated.


The fee for proctoring services is $25 per test, and can be made in the Testing Center. The Testing Center accepts checks, credit and debit card payments.

Adverse Weather

During severe weather or natural disasters, people may be prevented from entering or leaving campus facilities for hours or days. Notice of a decision to close or delay opening SAU will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Call 919.516.4411 to speak with an officer on duty about University closings or delayed openings. When severe winter weather conditions are predicted, monitor weather reports closely. Information will be made.

If you need to reschedule your test due to adverse weather, please contact testing administrator at 919.516.4680 or


Please contact the Testing Center, Monday – Fridays, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. by calling

Tel: 919.516.4680 or via email:

University Testing Fee Schedule

For information about the Testing Center’s fees and payment, please review the information below. Please note, there are no fees for current SAU students. You must give 24-hour notice to reschedule.

Examination Vendor Fees Non-SAU Student Fees
College Examination Program
$87.00 $25.00*
Distance Learning Proctored
N/A $25.00
Praxis I (single appointment)
$90.00* $25.00*
Praxis I (two tests)
$180.00* $40.00
Praxis I (combined)
$150.00* $25.00
ACT Residual Test $75.00 per student
National SAT Paid by vendor
LSAT Paid by vendor
National ACT Paid by vendor

*Prices are subject to change.

Retest Policy

All retest inquiries should be deferred to your instructor or the organization you registered with.

Proctoring Accommodation

Instructors are required to complete the service request form prior to sending student(s) to the testing lab (SAU Students)

Step One: Use the link below to request testing Service:

Step Two: For test security, please email, or hand deliver exam to the testing center prior to the schedule date. 

Step Three: Instruct student(s) to report to the Testing Center on the scheduled date and time.

For test security, please email or hand deliver exam to the testing center prior to the schedule date.