Studying the past can help improve the future of global society. History cultivates an individual’s awareness of how long-term historical causes shape the present as well as providing the ability to recognize and critique myths of the past to which we are exposed. It enhances the understanding of identity and the comprehensive range of human possibilities in our diverse global society. Most importantly, history helps to stimulate an appreciation and tolerance for cultural differences. History courses emphasize essential skills of analysis and reasoning, written and oral communication critical for professional success.



Demonstrate the centrality of the history curriculum to the general education mission of the College.

Integrate the general education skills of writing effectively, reading intelligently and processing information through synthesis and analysis.

Develop students’ intellectual interest in history as a discipline and encourage student participation in the life of the department.



Dr. Dino Lamount Bryant

Dr. Dino Lamount Bryant

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Shirlkeymu Lacy Winston

Dr. Shirlkeymu Lacy Winston

Assistant Professor, Department of History