How much does laundry cost?

Laundry is free at SAU.

Where are laundry machines located?

Washer machines and dryers are located within each residential facility. Weston Hall has washer and dryers on the first floor. Latham Hall has laundry and every floor. Boyer Hall has laundry on the first and second floor. Falkcrest Courts has laundry in Building 711 and the Clubhouse.

Does a washer or dryer require maintenance attention in your residence hall?

Please email your Resident Director and inform a Resident Assistant. Once someone on staff is notified, a work order can be submitted to ensure service is scheduled.

Need help doing laundry?

It’s ok. Many students come to campus not knowing the difference between laundry detergent and fabric softener. Feel free to ask a Resident Assistant or Hall Director to assist you on the process.


From time to time, items break in residence hall rooms. From burned out light bulbs and squeaky door hinges to clogged toilets/ bathtubs and faulty HVAC units, SAU Residential Life & Education and Facilities Management are dedicated to quickly solving your issue so you can get back to living your normal day to day life. You can alert Residential Life Staff to any issues in your residence hall space by following the below instructions:

  1. Email the Residence or Assistant Resident Director (Best method).
  2. Call the Residence Director (Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.).
  3. Call the Resident Assistant on call phone (Hours posted in Residence Hall).
  4. Report to the Residence Hall Staff at the Information Desk or Clubhouse.
  5. Call Campus Safety and someone on call will be reached.

What is a maintenance emergency?

When a repair is needed immediately to protect the safety of students or the facility, call 919.516.4411 to report the issue and receive immediate assistance. Emergencies may include active leaks or water running where it shouldn’t; climate control issues, particularly on very hot or very cold days/nights; power outages; broken keys/locks; or broken windows.


Saint Augustine’s University has partnered with Apogee to provide internet service and support to our on-campus residents. Apogee will also provide internet service and support in the Library for both on campus residents and commuter students. To make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi in the residence halls and the Library, follow the steps below. 

Set Up Your Account – PC or MAC 

Connect to “MyResNet Start Here” from your available wireless networks. You will be redirected to the web portal to sign up and complete registration. Students should not remain on “MyResNet Start Here“. After students have created their account they need to move to MyResNet 5G or MyResNet 2G.

Set Up Your Account  – Mobile

Scan the QR code from the Wi-Fi posters located throughout the SAU residence halls to arrive at the web portal where you can register and manage your devices. You can also access the web portal by clicking on the Wi-Fi symbol in the SAU app or by clicking here.

Helpful Tips

For iOS14+ and Android 10+ devices, turn off MAC randomization before connecting to the network. Go to for instructions. 

Need Support?

If you have any issues connecting or notice a space you are using does not have good Wi-Fi coverage, please use the following contact information: 
• Call support at 833.548.7745 
• Text “ResNet” to 84700 

Apogee/Saint Augustine’s University 2021 ResNet – Get Connected Video


If you see a pest in your building, please report it to the Hall Director Staff in person or via email. If the Hall Director is unavailable, please contact the Resident Assistant on duty. Be as specific as possible when contacting the residence hall staff, with the location, type of pest, and how many were noticed. Our pest control contractor will respond to inspect the area and treat as needed. If a more intensive treatment is necessary, instructions will be provided on how to properly prepare your living space for treatment, and the treatment will be scheduled to coincide with that preparation.


If you are locked out of your room during office hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.), visit your hall’s information desk or Resident Directors Office to let you in. If you are locked out after hours or on weekends, visit the information desk in your hall, and the resident assistants will escort you to your room to unlock the door. If nobody is at the information desk, please contact the RA on duty phones (the number is posted through the residence hall). If there is no response, please call campus safety at 919.516.4411.


Residence hall keys are the sole property of SAU and may not be duplicated under any circumstances. Possession of residence hall keys is limited to students with valid housing agreements. Room keys are issued directly to the student assigned to a room and are not transferrable. Roommates cannot pick up keys for one another.

Lost Keys

If you have lost your keys, your room will be rekeyed, you will be issued a new room key, and your student account will be charged $250 for a room key. Please report to your Hall Directors immediately in the event you have lost your room key.



New students: Saturday, August 7, 2023, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.Returning students: Saturday/Sunday, August 7 – 8, 2023


Move-in information will be emailed to all students during their break.


Move out instructions will be emailed to all current residents, posted within residence halls, and presented during residence hall closing meetings.


March 22 –  April 30

Complete Housing Requirements:

1. Complete the 2021 -2022 housing application.

2. Complete the 2021 – 2022 FAFSA Application.

3. Register as a full-time student for the Fall 2021 semester.

4. Pay the enrollment fee.

All requirements MUST be completed by April 30 or your room assignment will be terminated!

March 29 & March 30

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

MLK 2nd Floor

Group & Roommate Selection ONLY

Hall Options:

Falkcrest – Must have 4 people to fill a full suite.

Weston & Boyer – Must have 2 people to fill a room.

*All roommates and suitemates must be in person during selection to be placed together.

March 31 & April 1

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

MLK 2nd Floor

Single Selection Days

Hall Options:

Falkcrest Courts

Boyer Hall

Weston Hall

All students who do not have a roommate or suitemate group.

April 2

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

MLK 2nd Floor

Final Selection Day

Hall Options:

Falkcrest Courts

Boyer Hall

Weston Hall

All students who did not receive a housing assignment.


Student graduating in May 2021 will need to move-out by Sunday, May 2, at 12:00 PM.
Students who withdraw or terminate their enrollment during the academic year, or have their enrollment terminated by SAU, must vacate and return keys and/or notify Residential Life and Education of their departure within 48 hours. Residents must contact their hall staff office to coordinate check-out.