04 Dec 2019

Accounting Majors Getting a “Firm Foundation”

""Accounting majors are getting a firm foundation, literally! Four of our top School of Business, Management, and Technology students have been selected for career opportunities at well-known CPA firms. From left to right, the students are Angela Gutierrez-Castillo, Sheila Odhiambo, Kerri Brodie, and Briana Person. Angela has prior experience in local government and has received an internship offer from EY, a “Big Four” firm (i.e., one of the top four CPA firms worldwide). She’ll be interning in their Atlanta office. Sheila has previous experience in wealth management and has received a full-time offer from Deloitte, a “Big Four” firm. She will begin her audit career in their New York office. Kerri has prior experience in banking and has received an internship offer from PwC, a “Big Four” firm. Her offer was from their Atlanta office. Briana has previous experience in marketing and has received an internship offer from DHG, a “Top 20” firm with offices in the U.S. and U.K. Briana’s internship will be in their Raleigh office. Let’s congratulate these young ladies who truly embody our university’s brand: Transform. Excel. Lead.