Financial aid is money used to help students and their families pay for college.


  • Full-Time: 12+ credits
  • Three-Quarters Time: 9-11 credits
  • Half-Time: 6-8 credits
  • Less than Half-Time: 1-5 credits (ineligible for Direct Student and Parent Loans)


No, but you can apply for scholarships and alternative loans.

To apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), go to For the upcoming school year, students can submit the FAFSA beginning October 1.

Your taxes from two years prior. For example, for the academic year 2023 – 2024 you would use your 2021 tax information.

No, you can fill out the FAFSA before being fully admitted to Saint Augustine’s University, but your aid eligibility cannot be determined until you are admitted.

Yes, you must complete a new FAFSA every academic year.

  • The Department of Education utilizes the data you provide on your FAFSA to calculate your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), which is the amount a family may give toward the student’s education is then calculated using your EFC. Saint Augustine’s University will use the EFC to assess applicants’ eligibility for need-based grants and federal financial aid.
  • Cost of Attendance – Estimated Family Contribution = Financial Need

Yes, there are additional sources of aid, such as University scholarships and Federal Student Loans.

The process of verification allows the Department of Education to check the accuracy of the information entered in the FAFSA by requiring schools to collect specific documentation related to that information. If selected for this process, financial aid cannot be awarded until the student turns in all requested documentation.

  • The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can verify any inconsistent or conflicting information. For further information, please go to
  • Verification can consist of reviewing household size, number in college as well as income information

A student can view their Financial Aid Award information by logging into My Falcon Landing Portal.

A student can view their student account by logging into My Falcon Landing Portal under the Finance tab.

Students may visit the Business Office on the 2nd Floor of the Delany Building or contact the office at

Students can check with the Work-study coordinator after the census date to determine eligibility and availability of funds.

Student must be meeting a minimum cumulative GPA and complete 67% of total attempted hours to be eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid. Refer to SAU SAP policies for more information Satisfactory Academic Progress – Saint Augustine’s University (