A brand promise distills the brand story and orients it to address the needs and desires of a particular audience. It presents clearly, succinctly and definitively what an individual can and should expect from Saint Augustine’s University. Examples of brand promise statements are below.

Saint Augustine's University Brand Promise

Saint Augustine’s University is a premier institution. Among the first historically black colleges and universities founded in the United States, the University’s beautiful campus sits just north of Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. Blending the feel of a small college with the advantages of a first-class private university, Saint Augustine’s University offers life-changing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study that is rigorous and rewarding, with faculty who are experts in their respected fields committed to individual student success.

Brand Promise to Prospective Students

At Saint Augustine’s University, you will live and study at one of the nation’s best universities for personalized education, student life and affordability. You will have extraordinary choices in what to study, what to learn and what to explore. You will receive hands-on experience with exceptional professors who love to teach. You’ll transform, you’ll excel and you’ll lead. You’ll make connections that will change your life.

As with the brand story, the brand promise will guide your communications. In your marketing and communications materials, the particular aspects of the promise that are relevant to your audience should be expanded upon with specific examples. For assistance in creating a brand promise statement for your audience, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at marketing@st-aug.edu.