Saint Augustine’s University’s messaging strategy is designed to shape and influence perceptions of external audiences. This strategy should always produce a single, general image that conveys how Saint Augustine’s University occupies a unique position among higher education institutions. Below is Saint Augustine’s University’s positioning statement.

Saint Augustine’s University, founded in 1867 by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina and located just north of Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, is a premier university where students receive exceptional opportunities for rigorous study and rewarding campus life, and where faculty love to teach and care deeply about student success.

Saint Augustine’s University is large enough to provide a rich academic environment and complete student life experience, yet small enough to personalize the college experience for our students. No other university has the unique combination of Saint Augustine’s University’s exceptional faculty, diverse programs, historic campus, urban location, emerging facilities and cutting-edge programs.

For this strategy to be successful in conveying this image, we must simply share the truth about Saint Augustine’s University, take the highest possible ground in sharing our unique qualities, and be specific.

Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are words that we want our target audiences to associate with Saint Augustine’s University. We use these words and phrases to reinforce what we know to be true about the University, and to help our constituents understand the essence of our brand character. Saint Augustine’s University’s brand attributes include the following adjectives:

  • legacy
  • diversity
  • HBCU
  • community
  • urban
  • education
  • active
  • nurturing
  • family
  • faith