06 Feb 2016

Falcons: AT&T’s Elite 10

Falcons: AT&T’s Elite 10

When an employer interviews numerous college students for an internship, he or she looks for a candidate who is the right fit for their company.

However, what happens when an employer interviews 10 candidates and all candidates are exactly what their company wants? The
only thing that makes sense— hire all 10. In December of 2015, ten Falcons were hired by AT&T’s Area Manager for Network Operations
Mr. Robert Wilson to be part of the AT&T Operations Internship. The AT&T Operations Internship will provide each Falcon with the ins and outs of planning, designing, building and maintaining one of the largest networks in the world. The internship will also include challenging projects and the chance to work with multiple teams with different perspectives. Furthermore, they will interact with senior leaders and gain valuable insight as part of AT&T’s Executive Speaker Series. At the end of the internship, Falcons will have an opportunity to present their accomplishments to AT&T’s vice presidents and show the value their brought to the company.

“The AT&T Operations Internship is a professional development opportunity for our scholars to gain practical hands-on experience,” said Dr. Cindy Register Love, director of the University’s Professional Development and Career Services. “In order for each scholar to be selected for the internship, they were engaged in a rigorous process of a “Brand Called YOU” to include resume and interview preparation, and dress for success etiquette.”

The Falcon Elite 10 are as follows:

Beatrice Beaubrun
Freshman, Business Major
Sicklerville, NJ

Carneisha Cosby
Junior, Public Health Science Major
Richmond, Va.

Ashley Crawford
Sophomore, Elementary Education Major
Franklinton, NC

Kendrick Cunningham
Sophomore, Elementary Education Major
Charlotte, NC

Tamiya Dortch
Junior, Political Science Major
Goldsboro, NC

Stephen Gumbs
Junior, Exercise Science Major
Hartford, Conn.

Kyrie Givens
Sophomore, Business Administration Major
Washington, DC

Reshae Green
Junior, Theater Major
Upper Marlboro, MD

Carlisa Maxwell
Sophomore, Psychology Major
Charlotte, NC

Alexandria Saunders
Junior, Sport Management Major
Baltimore, MD