06 Mar 2016

Institutional Grant worth up to $35,780 for New Students

Institutional Grant worth up to $35,780 for New Students

Saint Augustine’s University is pleased to announce three institutional grants for new students which is effective for the 2016-2017 academic year.  A renewable grant worth $8,945 annually, which represents a 50 percent discount off the annual tuition and fees of $17,890, will be awarded to students in three categories:

·   Children and grandchildren of Saint Augustine’s University graduates (Legacy Tuition Grant)

·   Episcopal students (Absalom Jones Tuition Grant)

· Community college graduates from Vance-Granville and Wake Tech Community Colleges and other select community colleges (Community College Tuition Grant)


This administration made this decision to help ease the financial burden of new students and increase enrollment for the fall semester.


“We recognize that many families struggle with the costs associated with higher education,” said President Everett B. Ward. “Subsequently, this administration evaluated how we could fiscally afford to support these students and established this program for a certain percentage of our prospective student population. If we can responsibly remove a financial barrier

to provide prospective students access to a quality education, we have a responsibility to do so.”


For more information about the institutional grants and to apply for admission to Saint Augustine’s University, please contact the Office of Admissions at 919.516.4012 or apply online at admissions.st-aug.edu.