At Saint Augustine’s University, we realize that a student’s and their family’s financial position may be impacted by situations that are not represented in their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). As a result of these conditions, Higher Education Act Sec. 479A (a) allows institutions to use professional judgment to consider unusual situations on an individual basis. Please read below for further information on these unusual circumstances and how to notify us of them.


Major Categories of Special Circumstances

  • Changes in Financial Circumstances Reflecting Loss of Income:
  • Situation Involving Loss of Employment/Business or Decrease in Salary/Wages
  • Separation/Divorce, Alimony, Child support
  • Social Security benefits
  • One-time payment received
  • High/unusual out-of-pocket (unreimbursed) medical and/or dental expenses that exceed 11% of the Family’s Adjusted Gross Income
  • Death of Parent or Spouse: To be filed only if initial FAFSA data included deceased parent (or student’s spouse) in income or household

Increases in Student’s Cost of Attendance Incurred While Attending the University:

  • Computer Purchase
  • Child Care Expense
  • Housing Expense Exceeding the Standard Allotted in Student’s Cost of Attendance
  • Tuition Adjustments


Students may apply by obtaining a special circumstance form from a Financial Aid Staff member in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in Delany Hall. If a parent has more than one student enrolled at SAU, documentation must be presented separately for each student.

Please carefully study the information supplied on the form and ensure that enough and acceptable documentation is submitted for each application type to minimize processing delays.


Please keep in mind submitting a special circumstance do not guarantee approval or additional assistance to cover any balance that maybe due SAU.