Acceptance into the freshman class is generally based upon the applicant’s academic record, SAT and/or ACT, and other supporting documentation illustrating the potential of the student. The University’s SAT code is 5596 and the ACT code is 3152. Admission to the University does not allow acceptance into any particular academic program. Each individual department furnishes acceptance guidelines for their respective areas. Students who are 24 years old or older may be exempt from some freshman requirements and may not be required to submit standardized test scores.

Academic requirements are as follows:

An official transcript from an approved or accredited high school illustrating that the applicant is scheduled for graduation during the current scholastic year or submission of General Education Development (GED) scores indicating probable success in college is required.

Saint Augustine’s University recognizes the GED high school equivalency certificate/diploma. Additional documents may be required for GED recipients.

All final transcripts submitted after graduation must bear the signature and/or seal of the official authorized to sign such records. Once submitted, transcripts become the property of the institution and will not be forwarded or returned to the student.

Documents required:

  • Official High School transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores

Admissions Requirements

High School Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • 2. 0 with satisfactory SAT/ACT test scoresCalculated based on the following credits:

The minimum units required for admission are as follows:

Core Courses

Category Units Requirements
English 4 3 units must be complete and 1 in progress
Mathematics 3 1 unit must be Algebra I
Science 3  
Social Science 2  
Electives 10  

Test Scores

  • SAT scores of 420 (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) and 420 (Mathor
  • ACT scores of 17 (English or Reading) and 17 (Math)

The Office of Admissions does not require recommendation letters for admission to the University. However, we will be happy to consider any documents you may wish to submit in support of your application.

Recommendation letters may be required for scholarship consideration.

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Saint Augustine’s University admissions policies are consistent with the mission of the institution and do not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees, based on race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability. In addition, Saint Augustine’s University seeks to promote a multinational and multiracial student population by recruiting and enrolling students without regard to race, gender or ethnicity.